Saturday, October 5, 2013

Calligraphy Menus

We've had calligraphy on our minds for a long time now. We even considered taking a class to learn it. It's really beautiful, and just lends an elegant look to everything.

Being that we have no free time to take a class, we decided to splurge and invest on the next best thing: a special, hand drawn calligraphy font-two to be exact.

It's BEAUTIFUL!! It looks just like it was hand written. We even have the option of flourishes, and an "unbroken space" which lends the illusion of the pen never having left the paper. There's so much that we can't wait to make with these, and we're in the process of designing several items.

The first to be finished is a wedding menu card. The font used on this one is "Bombshell Pro" by Emily Lime.
As usual, we can customize the colors, etc. We can even pull the exact color from an invitation or dress photo if provided for an exact match!

 These are up and available in our Etsy store as of tonight! We're offering these in two options: a DIY printable version, and a printed version on either white or cream colored cardstock. Check them out here:

We hope that you love them as much as we do! We're almost finished working on escort (seating) cards in the calligraphy prints, and desert/candy bar labels also! Check back soon!

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